This website was initially supposed to be a printed catalog. This exhibition was also initially supposed to happen.
        With the recent developments of COVID-19, an infectious disease responsible for the 2019-2020 coronavirus pandemic, all gatherings and typical daily activities immediately changed for everyone in the world. For the SMFA community, this affected physical class meetings, studio hours, and scheduled events, including this exhibition.
         Our virtual catalog came to life in the midst of this global pandemic. It is the product of the labors of love, passion, and creativity that the SMFA 2020 Senior Thesis cohort cultivated with one another even while realizing that our physical exhibition wouldn’t occer like we had imagined. We are happy to offer this catalog as a testament to the community and connectivity we shared while navigating journeys of intense change, whether they be building a creative process, graduating from a prestigious university, or weathering socio-political crises.


Designed by Jacob Rochford. Photography by Margot Mitchell-Nockowitz. Edited by Badger Antoniou, Ariel Akumanyi, and Halley Sun Stubis.
        Thanks to all School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts faculty, library staff, dining workers, custodial workers, and any employee of the university who keeps our institution functioning.
        The Senior Thesis curatorial team, speaking on behalf of all students in the Senior Thesis Program, would most like to thank our faculty. Kendall Reiss, Ria Brodell, Willoughby Hastings, and Ashley Peterson contributed an incalculable amount of labor and time to this program. They worked tirelessly with all of us, week after week, to hone our artistic practice and help our practice culminate into a successful conclusion, even with recent developments. Their contributions in so many facets of this program can sometimes go unnoticed, however, they are truly the reason we can have this program, produce this site, present our work, and feel more certain to call ourselves artists.